Do you know how to say names of countries in japanese? Luckily, most country names are pretty easy to say in Japanese. They are just an approximate translation that is written out in katakana such as カナダ – Kanada or ルーマニア – Rūmania. Of course, some are a little different such as モンゴル – Mongoru (Mongolia) and some such as えいこく – Eikoku (Great Britain) don’t sound anything alike!

Many names of countries in Japanese can also be written with kanji, but whether the kanji pronunciation or the katakana reading will be used just depends on which country we’re talking about. In addition, all country names in Japanese DO have a kanji you can use instead of the katakana, but many of these are ateji (当て字; 宛字, lit. “assigned characters”) which means they are kanji being “borrowed” since they sound like the phonetic pronunciation of the katakana. These kanji names are marked with a * in the chart.


You can also describe country names with a single kanji + 国 based on ateji. For example, 米国 is from 亜米利加 (アメリカ), 仏国 is from 仏蘭西(フランス), 独国 is from 独逸(ドイツ) and so on. These expressions are often used in newspapers because they are shorter. Furthermore, country names are sometimes written by a kanji like 日(日本) and 米 (アメリカ). For instance, 日米会議 means the Japanese – America conference. OK, let’s see how many names of countries in Japanese you can learn!

*Remember some countries may have multiple names, but the audio we’ve provided is the MOST COMMON usage.

Learn Country Names in Japanese

Country Kanji Kana – Romaji Country
 names of countries in japanese australia 豪州


オーストラリア – Gōshō or Osutraria Australia
 austria in japanese 墺太利* オーストリア – Osutoria Austria
 belgium in japanese 白耳義* ベルギー – Berugī Belgium
 brazil in japanese 伯剌西爾* ブラジル – Burajiru Brazil
 bulgaria in japanese 勃牙利* ブルガリア – Burugaria Bulgaria
 cambodia in japanese 柬埔寨


カンボジア – Kanbojia Cambodia
 canada in japanese 加奈陀* カナダ – Kanada Canada
 china in japanese 中国 ちゅうごく – Chūgoku China
 denmark in japanese 丁抹* デンマーク – Denmāku Denmark
 egypt in japanese 埃及* エジプト – Ejiputo Egypt
 france in japanese 仏国


ふっこく – Fukkoku

フランス (Furansu)

 germany in japanese 独国


どくこく – Dokukoku

ドイツ (Doitsu)

 england in japanese 英国


えいこく – Eikoku

大ブリテン – daiburiten

Great Britain


 scotland in japanese 蘇格蘭 スコットランド - 


wales in japanese 威勒士 ウェールズ –


 ireland in japanese



アイルランド – 

北アイルランド – 
Kita Airurando


Ireland and Northern Ireland (yes, we know Ireland is not part of the UK)

 england in japanese 英吉利 イギリス – Igirisu England
 greece in japanese 希臘* ギリシャ – Girisha Greece
 india in japanese 印度* インド – Indo India
 iran in japanese 衣蘭*


イラン – Iran Iran
 italy in japanese 伊太利亜* イタリヤ – Itaria Italy
 japan in japanese 日本 にほん; にっぽん – Nihon; Nippon Japan
 south korea in japanese 韓国 かんこく – Kankoku Korea
 mexico in japanese 墨西哥* メキシコ – Mekishiko Mexico
 mongolia in japanese 蒙古



もうこ – Mōko

モンゴル – Mongoru

モンゴルこく – mongorukoku

 nepal in japanese 捏巴爾* ネパール – Nepāru Nepal
 netherlands holland in japanese 和蘭* オランダ – Oranda Netherlands
 peru in japanese 秘露 ペルー – Peru Peru
 poland in japanese 波蘭* ポーランド – Pōranda Poland
 portugal in japanese 葡萄牙* ポルトガル – Porutogaru

ぽ – Po

 romania in japanese 羅馬尼亜* ルーマニア – Rūmania Romania
 russia in japanese 露西亜


ロシア – Rossia Russia
 south africa in japanese 南阿弗利加 みなみアフリカ-  minamiafurika South Africa
 spain in japanese 西班牙* スペイン – Supain Spain
 switzerland in japanese 瑞西* スイス – Suisu Switzerland
 sweden in japanese 瑞典* スウェーデン – Suēden Sweden
 thailand in japanese 泰国


たいこく – Taikoku

タイ – Tai

 turkey in japanese 土国



どこく – Dokoku

トルコ – toruko

 america in japanese 米国*


べいこく – Beigoku

アメリカ (Amerika)

United States of America
 vietnam in japanese 越南* えつなん – Etsunan

ベトナム Betonamu


To help you learn all the names, we’ve created a handy study list so you can add each country to your drills on Nihongo Master and track your progress!

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