If you’re like us at Nihongo Master, then you are probably super excited for the new Star Wars movie. But have you seen the Star Wars Japanese trailer? First let’s check out the English version.

Star Wars English Trailer

And here is the Japanese trailer that was released. It’s a bit different from the English release, and it’s subtitled, but we thought it might be fun to help you learn some Japanese straight from the movie! Notice the differences between the spoken English and the English translation of the subtitles.

Star Wars Japanese Trailer

Now let’s break it down!

お前は何者だ Omae wa nanimono da?
Who are you?

“Who are you?”

何者でもないわ Nanimono demo naiwa.
I’m nobody.

“I’m no one.”

どこから来たの Doko kara kita no?
Where did you come from?

“Where do you come from?”

私は待っているの、家族を・・・ Watashi wa matteiru no kazoku wo…
I’m waiting for my family.

“I know all about waiting. For my family.”

目覚めよ Mezameyo
Wake up!

これは私の運命 Kore wa watashi no unmei.
This is my destiny.

“I will fulfill our destiny.”

私が、あなたを受け継ぐ Watashi ga anata wo uketsugu.
I’ll be your successor.

“I will finish what you started.”

いま、世界は受け継がれる Ima, sekai wa uketsugareru.
Now, the world will be inherited.

名前は? Namae wa?
What’s your name?

“I don’t know your name.”

フィンだ Fin da.
I’m Finn.


私はレイ Watashi wa Rei.
I’m Rey.

“I’m Rey.”

多くの噂を聞いたわ Ooku no uwasa wo kiita wa.
I heard a lot about it.

“There are stories about what happened.”

フォースは実在する Fosu wa jitsuzai suru.
The force exists.

“The force–”

すべて真実だ Subete shinjitsu da.
Everything is true.

“It’s true. All of it.”

希望は失われていない 生まれたのだ Kibou wa ushinawarete inai umareta noda.
Hope is not lost. It was born.

“Hope is not lost today. It is found.”

The title: スターウォーズ フォースの覚醒 Suta-uozu Fosu no kakusei