We officially crossed the 500 kanji mark this week!

In fact, we have learned 504 kanji since we started the challenge! Don’t worry if you started late or you haven’t been able to keep up. Learning 500 kanji is tough and the best thing you can do is just keep coming back and don’t get discouraged!

500 kanji

There wasn’t much of a theme this week, but who needs a theme when we’ve learned 500 kanji!! Let’s jump right in to reviewing what we covered this week!

Week 24: From “History” to “Perfect”

How many of the first 500 kanji have you memorized so far?

If you keep forgetting kanji each week, you’re not alone. But there are ways to increase your retention, we promise!

Downloading the printable practice sheets we post each week can make a big difference. Also, adding kanji to your drills (and actually doing your drills) are the most proven ways to remember! These tools are only for premium members, but they are definitely worth it!

If you want to keep learning but don’t want to go premium, you can download our free kanji flashcards every week. Click the button at the bottom of this post to get on the list!

Week 24: Jōyō Kanji Challenge Study List

Week 24: Jōyō Kanji Challenge Printable Writing Sheet

If just the practice sheets aren’t enough, we highly recommend subscribing to the Kanji Challenge email where you will receive FREE PRINTABLE FLASHCARDS!! These aren’t available anywhere else on the site, so make sure you join the list to get access. The flashcards include kanji meanings, different pronunciations, and common words that use the kanji. Learning kanji in the context of vocabulary is the only way to truly understand how a kanji is used is Japanese. So don’t wait another minute! Learn the next 500 kanji by joining the kanji challenge today!

learning joyo kanji challenge


Want to see what 504 kanji look like all together? Well here you go! Every single kanji we have learned so far!