This week marks the last FULL week of 4th grade. That means next week we start learning 5th grade kanji! Can you believe it? The kanji this week were hard, with most stroke counts in the double digits. We also saw many different radicals including ⻌ (辵,辶), 貝, and 言 (訁). Do you remember them all?

Remember that using our printable writing sheets is the best way to commit every kanji to memory and writing is proven to help increase retention! You can download the sheet here if you’re a premium member:

Week 30: Jōyō Kanji Challenge Printable Writing Sheet

You can also add all the kanji every week to your drills (or just the ones you’re struggling with) so you will keep getting drilled until you master them!

Week 30: Jōyō Kanji Challenge Study List

OK, time to test our knowledge!!

Week 30: From “Test” to “Related”

How many did you remember?

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