Week 38 has ended and we learned 8 kanji with the speech radical 言 (訁), a few with shell 貝 radical, and then a whole bunch of others! 

They say that the speech radical started out as a tattoo needle being dipped into a well of ink…but I’m not sure I see it. Also, what does that have to do with speech?

kanji portraits speech radical


We know we still owe you a kanji radical review, and it’s coming soon! Turns out covering all 214 kanji radicals is no simple task!

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Week 38: Jōyō Kanji Challenge Printable Writing Sheet

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Week 38: Jōyō Kanji Challenge Study List

Week 38: From “Tongue” to “Lend”

You can always tell it’s the end of a grade level when the stroke counts start getting so high!

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