If you’ve made it this far, you’ve officially completed the 1st grade! You’ve now graduated to second grade in Japan!

We learned another 21 kanji this week and we’re starting to see higher and higher stroke orders. Did you know they go up to 34 strokes? One of the best ways to help you remember kanji is to practice writing them. Each week we send a link to download printable writing sheets to help you practice writing each of the words we learned. This feature is only for premium members though, so if you aren’t premium yet, try upgrading today!

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From “Town” to “Ten Thousand”

How did you do this week?

To help you learn all 21 kanji each week, we’ve put together a study list as well as printable writing sheets for Premium Members. If you’re a Premium Member, you can also add every kanji on the list directly to your drills to help make sure you’re retaining what you’ve learned!

Week 1: Joyo Kanji Challenge Study List

Week 1: Joyo Kanji Challenge Printable Writing Sheet

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