Almost half of our kanji this week utilized the 言 (訁) radical. 訁 almost always appears on the left and is one of those rare radicals that is almost always connected to its meaning its kanji! Hooray! That means if you see a kanji with this easy-to-recognize radical, it probably has something to do with words or speech, but can also take on more intangible meanings like honor or visit. Check out this kanji radical guide to dig in a little deeper!

OK, now that we’ve covered that, let’s review our kanji for the week!

Week 47: From “Renowned” to “Theory”

So…how did you do?

If you need some help remembering, check out our study lists and printable practice sheets:

Week 47: Jōyō Kanji Challenge Printable Writing Sheet

Week 47: Jōyō Kanji Challenge Study List

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